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50 years anniversary.

50 years of experience in airport advertising.

A real dialogue at the airport

Jean-François Decaux is CEO of our marketing partner JCDecaux, which has had a stake in Media Frankfurt for some 20 years. The global network is Media Frankfurt's backbone for an extraordinary, international network in airport advertising that no other location in Germany can boast. In our interview on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, Jean-Francoise Decaux explains what makes Frankfurt so special as a location.

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Inspiring flight into modernity

A new visitor centre opened at Frankfurt Airport in early summer 2021. Spread over 1,200 square meters, visitors can experience the airport world in an interactive and multimedia exhibition full of innovations. Augmented reality and numerous digital installations allow a trip along the baggage conveyor belt, or directly to the controller on the runway, or even to the pilot in the cockpit, making it possible to experience the airport up close. Above all this demonstrates one thing: our location is now much more than just a small stop on a journey, but rather a multifunctional Airport City full of emotion, inspiration and fresh experiences.

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Why global networking is necessary

Sales Director Peer Schmitz-Kuo has been with Media Frankfurt since 2015 and has helped styled a rapid development - both in terms of passenger numbers at Frankfurt Airport and advertising space. In this interview, he tells us how he has experienced the evolution in the advertising world, what developments can be expected in airport advertising, and what particularly fascinates big brands about Media Frankfurt's portfolio.

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Where the worlds of advertising and airport meet

Heiko Maier, authorised signatory and head of HR at Media Frankfurt, has been accompanying the history of the airport marketer for over 13 years.  Here he presents another facet of Media Frankfurt - that of an employer which is internationally networked in every area.

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No. 5 lives

Chanel's legendary L'Eau No.5 was the focal point of an impressive promotional space with a real rain shower in the autumn of 2016. A replica flacon beguiled passengers' senses as an oversized "walk-through sculpture". Sensors caused the artificial waterfall to stop as soon as a passenger walked through the sculpture to view the flacon from the centre. In addition, promoters dressed in Chanel raincoats distributed fragrance samples to the passengers. This impressive promotion was the only one of its kind in the world that Chanel implemented at an airport.

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Pure luxury at Frankfurt Airport

Traditionally, the airport is one of the most relevant advertising environments for luxury brands. The exclusive brands with which the airport has close and creative ties, even beyond their luxury shops, make above-average use of exclusive advertising locations, oversized displays and installations, and set impressive accents for their brand image within Frankfurt Airport. This is why airport advertising is now almost always the CMO's responsibility.

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