Why global networking is necessary

Sales Director Peer Schmitz-Kuo has been with Media Frankfurt since 2015 and has helped styled a rapid development - both in terms of passenger numbers at Frankfurt Airport and advertising space. In this interview, he tells us how he has experienced the evolution in the advertising world, what developments can be expected in airport advertising, and what particularly fascinates big brands about Media Frankfurt's portfolio.

You have been in the marketing industry for 16 years and at Media-Frankfurt for six. What current development(s) could you not have imagined six years ago?

Actually, I'm surprised that the media transformation is happening over a longer period and not more abruptly. More and more channels are being added, but the old ones are still there. So, it's more evolution than revolution. My big surprise though are podcasts: I didn't think they would become so big.

And what media developments will surprise us in six years which we can't really imagine to their full extent today?

Cities will need money: so more large-scale analogue and digital spaces, especially in German cities. Size will still matter ...

If you could venture an outlook: How will customer demand be changed after the pandemic? Where will airport advertising in particular rank in the future?

Worldwide, ever-changing collaboration in constantly alternating global teams has brought people to where they are today. Travelling and personal interaction will remain an integral part of human nature and will increase. Airport advertising will continue to perform with great executions in a positive environment. It is important that flying, and therefore airport advertising, becomes more and more sustainable, and that this endeavour is constantly developed along with the advertisers.

The tower, the gangways, the glass bridges - Frankfurt Airport has countless spectacular advertising spaces in its portfolio to stage - literally - outstanding stories. Do you remember any sensational creations that have truly taken advantage of the possibilities of these formats?

Each of our clients uses the Airport  as a global stage in their own way. Nowhere can you charge and accelerate a brand globally as quickly as at the world's major hubs. And much more cost-effectively than via small-scale campaigns in the most diverse markets such as the USA, UK or China.


Media Frankfurt has long been networked with Hamburg, Stuttgart and Vienna airports through marketing partnerships. This also allows clients storytelling across locations. How is that received in the market?

Purchasing power and business know-how can be found among passengers at all major airports. Each combination has its own strength: in Hamburg you have the most millionaires. If you book our cross-border combination with Vienna, you will hardly be able to miss an important decision-maker.

For Frankfurt Airport, the high frequency of international business travellers is particularly significant. How has B2B advertising changed? And where will the focus be in the future?

Well, first of all, following Corona, there will be a boom in business travel. Everyone knows that big deals are made in person, machines cannot be maintained remotely forever, and also decision-makers will simply feel like travelling again. In the short term, advertisers should not miss this boom. In campaigns, I would recommend reflecting this spirit of optimism. At the same time, the trend is naturally moving towards data-driven campaigns, playout according to KPIs and automated targeting. Using audience measurement, we can tell exactly what the KPIs are for requested campaigns: for individual spaces and our networks, how many viewed impressions they achieve, and also for the interested target groups. In addition, we are currently working on making parts of our inventory really bookable programmatically.

50 per cent of Media Frankfurt's space is already digital. The new Terminal 3 will only have digital advertising. Moving images and video have become indispensable in airport advertising. Where is the digital journey heading at the airport?

Digital is the prerequisite to be able to play out smart, dynamic, target-group-specific campaigns. The near future will bring more exceptional large digital spaces for special brands. Which brands will then secure these screens as first movers remains open. I think it would be nice to continue to see a few courageous European brands here.