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50 Years Media Frankfurt. 

50 years of airport advertising.

Media Frankfurt – Our History

50 years of airport advertising

We are celebrating our anniversary as specialists in airport advertising. Media Frankfurt is 50 years old this year. In three editions of our newsletter, we will take you through five decades of advertising at Frankfurt Airport, revisit exciting and astonishing productions, grant personal retrospectives and venture a probing look into the future. We will take you on an exciting journey across the highlights of our advertising history. We hope you enjoy our journey through time.

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Anniversary interview with Martin Korosec, Managing Director Media Frankfurt

We are now on the threshold of a new travel boom, whereas the effects of the corona crises are still noticeable. How was Media Frankfurt able to weather the crises?

On the one hand, of course, the pandemic hit us hard. On the other hand, every crisis can also be seen as an oppurtunity, and we took advantage of this. We didn´t freeze in a state of shock but launched a variety of projects aimed at expanding our strong position in the market...


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Advertising highlights

Advertising highlights of the last decades

Rio-Tokyo mit Netflix

With a subtle advertising campaign, the streaming service Netflix conquered the baggage carousels at Frankfurt Airport in July 2019. For the start of the third season of the series "House of Money", ten red suitcases rotated along the belts, from which bundles of banknotes appeared to spill out.

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Sector Specials

Old friends: sector special

Cars and airport advertising have been a powerful and inseparable team since our early stages. Many major car brands have come to us at Frankfurt Airport - with interactive car exhibitions, visually stunning ads on digital surfaces, highly visible branding with XXL selv-awareness on the digital landmark and, in the age of the smartphones, clever mobile or online extensions.

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Greeting from Guiseppe Fiordispina

Guiseppe Fiordispina: Marketing Director at SEAT Deutschland GmbH

For decades now, Guiseppe Fiordispina has been accompanying Media Frankfurt as Head of Marketing of various car brands and - with a detour into electronics - of Samsung. Since 2018, he has been Head of Marketing at Seat Deutschland. Under his creative direction, many of the most sensational advertising campaigns at Frankfurt Airport have been created. That´s why there is practically no one more qualified to illuminate the special nature of the close friendship between cars and airport advertising.

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