Advertising highlights at Frankfurt Airport

Advertising highlights of the last decades

Rio-Tokio by Netflix

With a subtle advertising campaign, the streaming service Netflix conquered the baggage carousels at Frankfurt Airport in July 2019. For the start of the third season of the series "House of Money", ten red suitcases rotated along the belts, from which bundles of banknotes appeared to spill out. A different character from the series could be seen on each suitcase. An individualised clip was shown synchronously on the screen of the respective luggage belt, for example for Rio or Tokyo, as the master thieves of this Spanish hit series are named after major cities. The campaign on our Welcome Network immediately went viral…with the effect that two suitcases were even stolen.


Advertising highlights of the last decades

More than just a pointer: the Samsung hand

Samsung used an oversized hand sculpture to drum up support for its latest mobile phone model in 2007. The abstract aluminium sculpture, 15 metres high and weighing 27 tonnes, at the access intersection in front of Terminal 2 was designed by the Korean electronics company together with the award-winning artist and industrial designer Jan Lorenc. 21 more of these hand sculptures were simultaneously positioned at airports in 20 countries.


Advertising highlights of the last decades

A distillery at the airport

In 2017, Dewar's amazed passengers at Frankfurt Airport with an original functional distillery for Scotch whiskey. The aim was to appeal in particular to "first appreciators" aged between 25 and 36. One was even said to have smelled the characteristic whiskey smell in the airport, although the distillery was of course not allowed to operate due to fire regulations. The impressive installation was accompanied by various additional measures from passport control to the retail shop.