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Old friends: car advertising at the airport

Cars and airport advertising have been a powerful and inseparable team since our early stages. Many major car brands have come to us at Frankfurt Airport - with interactive car exhibitions, visually stunning ads on digital surfaces, highly visible branding with XXL self-awareness on the digital landmark and, in the age of the smartphone, clever mobile or online extensions. 

Over the years, the share of the automotive industry in the advertising campaigns at the airport has remained stable at ten per cent of turnover - with a clear emphasis on digital formats, which currently account for almost 50 per cent of the channels. In addition, cars and new models are ideal for close-up and tactile experiences - which is why a quarter of all advertising measures are promotions. With an average length of stay of 240 minutes, and an inquisitive and relaxed travel mood at the airport, our passengers like to be impressed by new technology and astonishing design details.


We should mention, passengers have confirmed this to us time and again: 70 per cent think that car showrooms in particular are ideal for airports leading to 48 per cent exploring them accordingly. 84 per cent see the airport environment as ideal for car advertising. As the purchase of a new car is a possibility for every third passenger in one to two years, car brands regularly get active at Frankfurt Airport. An example is, Fiat shown here for the introduction of the Fiat 500 in 2015, which was allowed to drive up and dominate on the Digital Landmark. An equally attention-grabbing eye-catcher was an electrifying advertisement by Audi on the glass bridge at the then IAA. Also at the 2011 motor show, Volkswagen wooed passengers with a special promotion for the Up: The most important information could be downloaded onto a USB stick, and the VW model was virtually ‘sucked up’ by the digital advertising space. This innovative advertising idea won the Airport Media Award in 2011. And these are just a few hand-picked examples of the special persuasive power of car advertising at Frankfurt Airport.