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50 years anniversary.

50 years of experience in airport advertising.

Media Frankfurt – our history

50 years anniversary

Frankfurt Airport was setting records even while Media Frankfurt was being founded. In 1971, ten million people passed through the airport for the first time. In 2019, another record year, we counted no less than 70.6 million passengers. As early as the 1970s the Germans led the field when it came to international travel and, as mobility increased in general, so the public at our airport became more and more cosmopolitan, new and remoter destinations were opened up, and Frankfurt developed into the most important German airport for business travellers and decision makers.

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Anniversary interview with Susanne Pfaff, former Marketing Director

Marketing Director Susanne Pfaff has been with Media Frankfurt since 2016. In our interview, she explains why airport advertising is an impact booster, which campaigns have made the most spectacular use of storytelling in recent years and why there is still a great potential waiting to be exploited.

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Advertising highlights from the past

In 2007, Emirates caused a sensation in Car Park 33. The airline promoted its new chauffer service with two life-size Airbus landing-gear bogies – parked right there where normally only cars are to be found. The clever campaign also impressed the jury of the Airport Media Award – the jurors chose it for a gold award in 2007.

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Sector Specials

Longing to get away: Sector Specials

Over the years, getting away, wanderlust, travel and adventure have been important themes dominating communicative storytelling at the airport. For here the messages meet a receptive audience, which is in an ebullient mood and glad to get inspiration for coming journeys. Frankfurt Airport is the most international of the German travel hubs and offers for these campaigns the ideal environment, open to the world.

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Greetings from...

Salutation by Jörn Hombert

Jörn Hombert, Sixt’s Airport Marketing Director, has been designing, creating and planning airport advertising for more than eleven years. For many years, the mobility service provider was almost guaranteed to win the Airport Media Award – best-practices in airport advertising are strikingly often linked with the brand name Sixt. How does the company succeed in capturing the essence of the airport, in integrating the architecture and special formats so effectively in the advertising message and in perfectly positioning an amusing eyecatcher? A glimpse behind the scenes of the creative workshop.

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