A selection of our advertising highlights at Frankfurt Airport

No. 5 lives

Chanel's legendary L'Eau No.5 was the focal point of an impressive promotional space with a real rain shower in the autumn of 2016. A replica flacon beguiled passengers' senses as an oversized "walk-through sculpture". Sensors caused the artificial waterfall to stop as soon as a passenger walked through the sculpture to view the flacon from the centre. In addition, promoters dressed in Chanel raincoats distributed fragrance samples to the passengers. This impressive promotion was the only one of its kind in the world that Chanel implemented at an airport.

Floating Taxi

Driving by taxi to the airport and continuing the journey with Lufthansa - this is not really extraordinary: a tipped over taxi, however, is it indeed. 2014 Lufthansa implemented this special installation on the Terminal 1 approach road to put attention on the doubling of free luggage for premium eco customers. A very eye-catching and attention grabbing campaign - taxi drivers offered help to their supposedly colleagues.