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Airport Advertising & Airport Marketing Trends

In this issue of HORIZONT magazine in cooperation with Media Frankfurt, everything revolves around the world of airport advertising and airport marketing trends. Learn more about how Media Frankfurt specialists work behind the scenes to achieve maximum advertising impact and set new standards in marketing.

The focus is on various aspects of airport advertising: target group marketing for travellers, the use of advertising space in the airport, as well as the analysis of the physical customer journey through the airport. In this issue of HORIZONT magazine, Media Frankfurt pays special attention to one of Europe’s top 3 largest airports: Frankfurt Airport.


One advantage of airports is that passengers have time and want entertainment. On average, passengers spend almost three hours at the airport. This time is bridged by looking at the billboards at the gate, or devoting attention to the advertising spaces while waiting for check-in. Another aspect is airport shopping. Frankfurt Airport has 40,000 square meters of retail space. In short, there are shopping incentives on every corner. Effective target group advertising at the airport also results from the many business travellers, who have great purchasing power. Airport marketing is therefore a special type of outdoor advertising.

Read our "Airport Advertising" issue to find out everything you need to know about airport advertising and join four of our Media Frankfurt experts for a look behind-the-scenes at their exciting day-to-day work. In fascinating interviews, the four experts from the areas of business development, technology, production and IT provide an insight into their daily business and the multifaceted tasks at Media Frankfurt, in a dynamic and international working environment.