Frankfurt Airport - a special location

… and a unique environment in which to advertise.

The airport is a fascinating microcosm. But what makes it so special? Immerse yourself and experience what the airport awarded to be such a unique advertising environment.





The airport...gateway to the world

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A place that, over the decades, has made a crucial contribution to bringing the world, step by step, closer together. 


A place where wanderlust and homesickness mingle with the smells of the big wide world – the link between the center of gravity of one's life and the distant places of one's dreams, which now seem a mere boarding pass away.

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A place full of magic … adventures are begun, nerves jangle with excitement on the way to the deal of the century, families depart full of joyful anticipation for their holidays, pin-stripe suits from every conceivable field of business flit past with their trolley cases in tow - decision-makers at all levels in the hierarchy, managers of families …


pure emotions … long-awaited returning travelers are hugged in warm embraces, loved ones are bidden tearful farewells … nowhere are more opposing emotions and contradictions so close to one another than at the airport.

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A multifunctional microcosm, a town in its own right.  Hotels, shopping malls, crèches, restaurants, supermarkets that are open until midnight. High-quality jewelry shimmers in shop windows, glamour hangs in the air, or at least the hope of a bargain at the duty-free shop.


In its bowels … hidden from view …. a gigantic luggage-transport system, a huge security infrastructure, comprehensive procedures and organization, people on duty 24/7 – a smooth-running machine constantly at work 'in the background'  to maintain the airport's special atmosphere.
The airport …. an enduring symbol that human beings have realized their ancient dream of being able to fly.
A special place …. and a unique environment in which to advertize!

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