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Through our marketing cooperation we offer you advertising opportunities to further increase the reach of your advertising campaigns. The advertising spaces at the cooperation airports Vienna, Hamburg and Stuttgart can be booked directly through us. 


Just get in touch with us and together we will find the ideal solution for you and your airport campaign. 



Wien Gepäckausgabe

Placing advertising in Vienna

Vienna International Airport

Bringing emotions across borders! With Vienna Airport, the largest and most famous airport in Austria, whose catchment area extends into neighboring countries, we provide you with an exceptional presence. The location offers opportunities for impressive, sustainable image advertising and is, thanks to numerous shopping facilities and the Air Lounge VIE, an exclusive and extremely high-quality advertising environment. 

Here, the Digital Welcome Network – consisting of 120 Full HD screens along the entire baggage claim area – allows you to synchronously play advertising on monitors placed next to each other, covering 100% of the arriving passengers. You can also reach the target group of arriving passengers with the Digital Arrival Walls, two high-resolution LED walls in breathtaking sizes of 15 sqm and 18 sqm. These are synchronously switched and are predestined for impressive and sustainable image advertising. The Digital Welcome Network and Digital Arrival Walls in Vienna are perfect in combination with the Digital Welcome Network at Frankfurt Airport - for an even greater reach of your campaign. 

To reach departing and transfer passengers from the Schengen area at Vienna International Airport, we also offer the Digital Gatewalk advertising space. This consists of ten digital screens along the gates, positioned in the North Pier. The Air Lounge in the East Pier is particularly suitable for reaching the target group of departing passengers and business travelers. The Digital Gatewalk & Air Lounge in Vienna can be easily connected to the Digital Business Network in Frankfurt.

Advertising campaigns for a financially strong target group

Hamburg Airport

Hamburg is the city with the second highest per capita purchasing power and the highest number of millionaires in Germany – a perfect advertising environment for a target group with high purchasing power. Hamburg Airport offers excellent prospects, as it is one of the most important national and international hubs in the north of the country.  

With eight eye-catching digital screens along the Customer Journey, you can reach both arriving and departing passengers in Terminals 1 and 2 at Hamburg Airport. By distributing the advertising media throughout Hamburg Airport, you will always be close to all the key touchpoints of your target groups.   

To give your advertising message even more attention and reach, combine the digital screens with the Digital Airport Network and the Digital Business Network at Frankfurt Airport. Please use our contact form to find out more about the advertising opportunities at Hamburg Airport. Together we will find the perfect solution for an extraordinary advertising.

Stuttgart Video Walls

Increase reach in a federal state with strong exports

Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport has an impressive international appeal and flies to over 120 destinations worldwide. In addition, the state of Baden-Württemberg, whose capital is Stuttgart, is one of the strongest exporting states in Germany. At Stuttgart Airport you can therefore reach both industrial giants and strong medium-sized companies with your advertising message. 

Seven synchronously switched video walls, which are located in Terminal 3, are available to you for this purpose. With this attention-grabbing medium you can reach your target group at a highly frequented location that will make your advertising message shine in brilliant 4K resolution.  

To get the most out of your advertising campaign, supplement and combine the video walls at Stuttgart Airport with the Digital Welcome Network at Frankfurt Airport. Just get in touch with us – we look forward to your inquiry!

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