#3QuestionsFor … Martin Korosec, Managing Director, Media Frankfurt GmbH

#3QuestionsFor … Martin Korosec, Managing Director, Media Frankfurt GmbH

Martin Korosec, our Managing Director, answers three questions on the trends of the past year, on Programmatic Airport Advertising as a trend-setting advertising offer and on the outlook for 2023 ...


1. What trends did you notice increasingly at Frankfurt Airport as an advertising location in 2022?

As we all know, 2022 was a difficult year - in terms of the economy as a whole, but also for the advertising market. In such times with many uncertainties, advertising clients value flexibility and scalability above all. We were able to meet both requirements in the best possible way with our innovative offer and our outstanding quality of consulting. This has just been confirmed by our customer satisfaction study 2022.


2. As the study shows, Programmatic also seems to have arrived in the market of airport advertising and to be well accepted...

That's right, programmatic has become more and more of a booking standard over the last year and is playing an increasingly important role in airport advertising. We were also able to benefit from the programmatic hype in the out-of-home sector. Keyword flexibility and scalability! Since last year, our inventory can also be booked programmatically, based on the data of the AAM model. For example, the exact flight data, passenger routes and the respective length of stay of passenger groups flow into the KPI calculation. Customers appreciate this transparency and traceability of performance data.


3. What are your goals for 2023?

Our target is clearly growth. In addition to the closer linking of our portfolio with retail partners for comprehensive omnichannel success, this includes, above all, the consistent digitalisation of our areas, which we will drive forward as the next step in Terminals 2 and 3. Because one thing is clear to me: more digital also means more programmatic - and that is the future of airport advertising.


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