#3QuestionsFor ... Michael Kaiser and Felix Huyer, Key Account Managers at Media Frankfurt

#3QuestionsFor ... Michael Kaiser and Felix Huyer, Key Account Managers at Media Frankfurt

We sat down with Michael (MK) and Felix (FH) – two of our Digital Out of Home specialists – and asked them about the definition, benefits and future of Programmatic Airport Advertising.


1. What is meant by Programmatic Out of Home at the airport?

FH: "This refers to the automated and digitised buying and selling of digital advertising space with the help of an SSP and a DSP. However, billing is not based on timelines, as in the classic business, but on contacts."


2. What advantages does Programmatic Airport Advertising offer me?

MK: "Programmatic campaigns are particularly efficient due to their targeting options, even during the runtime. The campaign can be planned and controlled effectively so that the desired target group can be reached precisely. Billing is based on the actual contacts reached, the viewed impressions. Thus, only the contacts that are actually reached with the campaign are paid."

FH: "Processing is also simplified because the entire process takes place via the two platforms DSP and SSP, which streamlines and simplifies the process. Especially for omnichannel campaigns, this is a decisive advantage in planning."


3. How do you see the future of digital out-of-home in the coming years? And what role will programmatic airport advertising play in this?

MK: "DOOH and programmatic advertising will become even more important in the post-cookie era, and contextual targeting is becoming an important issue for more and more advertisers. At Media Frankfurt, we can offer any brand an inspiring and very special environment: an airport where people are receptive before or after their trip. The opportunities for digital advertising will continue to grow here at Frankfurt Airport - because, when the new Terminal 3 opens in 2026, only digital advertising space will be available there."


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