#3QuestionsFor ... Sandra Müller, Business Development Manager

#3QuestionsFor ... Sandra Müller

As Media Frankfurt's Business Development Manager, Sandra Müller is responsible for the development of new formats and advertising solutions, in particular for the young offer of programmatic advertising.


1. What offer can Media Frankfurt provide in the programmatic universe and what are the advantages of booking programmatically?

We make our inventory available via the supply-side platform VIOOH in the private marketplace as a non-guaranteed deal. With a programmatic campaign, the advertiser retains full control over the playouts on the selected inventory. The advertiser can decide for oneself when to increase or decrease advertising pressure, depending on the triggers on which the campaign is based. This ensures that waste coverage is minimised and that the focus is on relevant target groups. Billing is also based on the actual contacts generated, the so-called viewed impressions.


2. Which triggers are possible and should be defined in advance?

There are generally few limits here. Many demand-side platforms are already able to bid on inventory according to many external triggers such as weather conditions, results of sporting events or other circumstances. With us, clients can also define a precise target persona that can be reached preferentially with their advertising message. Thanks to our large database, we can provide the client with an individual pre-targeting, which shows exactly in which daily and hourly slots the advertiser can meet the desired target group most frequently at the airport. With the help of this input, bidding behaviour can be adjusted accordingly.


3. What are the advantages, especially in Programmatic, of defining the target group in such detail with the help of a persona?

A persona is merely a tool for specifying the campaign goals. This method is advantageous both in the cross-channel planning of the campaign and in the definition of the best playout slots.


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