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Frankfurt a. M., May 2019. Media Frankfurt GmbH, the marketing subsidiary of Fraport AG, is working with the renowned Hamburg-based market research institute MediaAnalyzer in the "Digital Airport Walk” project. MediaAnalyzer has developed a virtual tool for measuring the advertising impact of OoH advertising.

Advertising impact measurement at Frankfurt Airport

The tool is now being adapted for the first time to conduct impact research of airport advertising. Compared to on-site testing, the collection of data is cost-effective and quickly reveals all major impact parameters. The parameters collected are advertising recall, advertising appeal, increase in brand awareness and image as well as call-to-action indicators. Attention tracking is used to determine where exactly a subjects' attention is being captured. This also reveals potential optimisation approaches for the tested campaign. At the same time, it enables the collection of general lessons learned with regard to the optimal design of airport advertising.

"Digital Airport Walk” sends 200 representative business travellers on a virtual tour through the airport grounds via online video. The video reflects the complete customer journey: from arrival by taxi, a breather at a café, security check to boarding at Gate A17. The 100 test subjects come into contact with the spot being tested three times during the tour. A video of a current competitor is shown three times on digital pillars—because, in real life, a tested spot also has to prevail against its competition. The 100 subjects in the control group see none of these spots.

With our standard tool, Digital Airport Walk, we are for the first time systematically generating insights into the impact of airport advertising, which we can pass on to our customers on a one-to-one basis", says Susanne Pfaff, Marketing Director of Media Frankfurt, Fraport’s media subsidiary.

The example of Audi impressively shows how well motion picture advertising can perform at airports. Because the test case proves that the stopping power of the spot—i.e. the ability to capture the attention of passers-by—was very high. The 10-second spot featuring the A6 model in the foreground also had a high unsupported recall rate of 62 percent.

This was due to the fact that the Audi video appealed to the audience in a highly emotional way. The subjects attested, for example, that both the colour scheme and the advertised car model conveyed the impression of elegance and luxury, which also resulted in an improvement of the Audi image in these aspects. The good branding and the visibility also led to a significant increase in brand awareness: from 65 percent in the control group to 82 percent in the test group. As a result, the purchase likelihood increased by 32 percent compared to the control group.

The case sets its own impressive benchmark for exceptional performance in airport advertising.


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