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Hamburg Airport and Media Frankfurt enter into alliance

Frankfurt a.M., 9.07.2019 -Media Frankfurt and Flughafen Hamburg GmbH have joined forces for a high-reach marketing cooperation. In future, customers will be able to book digital media space for both locations in combination

Premium advertising across airport boundaries 

The advantages are obvious: "Advertisers can extend their campaign to Hamburg digitally and without media discontinuity at an attractive price," explains Olaf Jürgens, Head of Media & Events at Hamburg Airport. The airport supplements Media Frankfurt's existing digital packages with eight brilliant large-screen displays. This opens up clear added value for advertising customers through a growing frequency of contacts, top quality and a high degree of efficiency of large digital campaigns.

Both cooperation partners offer their combined services in three packages. The Digital Coverage Advanced Network comprises the 104 digital panels from Frankfurt Airport and 8 digital large-screen panels from Hamburg. The frequency is more than considerable - because the media formats are seen by around 80.8 million passengers every year. The Digital Business Advanced Network reaches 73.2 million passengers annually. Here the eight Hamburg screens are combined with 48 digital advertising media from Frankfurt, with the focus on decision-makers and business travellers. Media Frankfurt's customers can also take advantage of a third offer to book the eight Hamburg Airport spaces as a single package (Hamburg's Digital Prime Boards). Here, the range is then 17.2 passengers per year.
The advertising spaces at both locations are positioned both in front of and behind the security checkpoints, guaranteeing additional contact opportunities with other airport guests, people collecting passengers and travellers' friends. In addition, customers can also book more differentiated small networks from the individual packages across locations via Media Frankfurt - with a minimum booking of only 14 days.
Olaf Jürgens, Head of Media & Events at Hamburg Airport, emphasises: "We must think even more strongly in the direction of the customer journey in future. A journey always has two points: Start and destination. So it is only natural that we network with an important German departure and destination airport and double the media impact for our customers.
"With this cooperation, Frankfurt Airport is consolidating its portfolio as the strongest marketing German airport and innovation driver at Airport Media," emphasizes Martin Korosec, Managing Director at Media Frankfurt. "Marketing new premium digital large-format areas beyond the airport boundaries and using them for extraordinary campaigns opens up many opportunities for our customers to make the content accessible to an even larger audience".
The portfolio is primarily intended to appeal to globally operating companies and premium brands that will be able to book campaigns for both airports from a single source in future. Union Pay is already the first customer to implement a campaign with the combination network.
The response has been consistently positive, according to Olaf Jürgens of Hamburg Airport. "The lively interest shown by customers encourages us to continue to expand the offer in the near future.  The cooperation will enable us to make even better use of our media capacities.


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Media Frankfurt GmbH is the exclusive marketer of advertising space at Frankfurt Airport. Founded in 1971, the Fraport subsidiary has developed into Germany's market leader and number one advertising platform in the aviation sector. Through the participation of JCDecaux - marketer of over 200 airports worldwide - Media Frankfurt is the innovation hub for Digital Out of Home. More than 2,000 advertising media inside and outside the terminals reach almost 70 million mainly international passengers every year at Europe's third largest hub. Whether analogue, digital, POS and promotion or mobile - Media Frankfurt's omnichannel portfolio enables effective brand staging and cross-media, highly networked campaign management along the customer journey. Further information is available at www.media-frankfurt.de.


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