Introduction to programmatic advertising at the airport

How programmatic advertising can boost your omnichannel campaigns at the airport

Are you new to Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home and want to understand how programmatic advertising at the airport will contribute to your omnichannel success?

In today's highly digitalised age, programmatic advertising is on the rise and revolutionising the airport advertising landscape. At the centre of this development is the ability to create targeted advertising campaigns efficiently and automatically. The use of programmatic omnichannel advertising maximises the potential of airport advertising by delivering personalised messages to the target audience across multiple channels. This method enables advertisers to tailor their campaigns precisely to the needs and interests of travellers. The customisability of omnichannel programmatic opens up new horizons for reaching a broad audience and increases the efficiency of advertising strategies.

Our new introductory video takes you on a smooth journey through the world of Programmatic Airport Advertising – available at Frankfurt Airport, one of the most important travel hubs in Europe.

Click here for the video and the explanation page: Programmatic Airport Advertising