Media Frankfurt introduces a revolutionary airport audience-measurement tool

The new advertising measurement tool allows to track several KPIs for digital outdoor advertising

Media Frankfurt's new Airport Audience Measurement (AAM) tool is being employed for the first time in Germany at Frankfurt Airport. The advertising measurement tool delivers international airport metrics with KPIs as exact as those previously only available for online advertising.

Frankfurt/Main, 01 October 2021. Digital outdoor advertising is under pressure to prove its worth. It must, say marketers, close a gap where online advertising has long been able to shine thanks to verifiable figures and metrics. Together with the JCDecaux marketing network, Media Frankfurt, the marketing agency for advertising space at Frankfurt Airport, is introducing its own Airport Audience Measurement, a solution now being used concurrently in many international airports, which offers a variety of valid figures and KPIs, such as viewed impressions, that can be consulted in advance of campaign planning. A metric offering this level of international comparability is unrivalled for any other German airport.

The highly technological setting of an airport means it is now possible to analyse target groups in great detail using travel data, flight schedules and the flows of visitors. This is particularly true of the retail areas and other attractive parts of the airport.

What exactly is the airport audience measurement tool?

The Airport Audience Measurement tool is a mathematical-statistical model that uses, for example, passenger numbers, routes taken through the airport, dwell times, walking speeds, size and distance to the advertising medium to calculate a variety of KPIs ex ante, e.g., viewed impressions per hour. This KPI is now available at airports for the first time.

Never before has there been such a statistical basis for international metrics for measuring the success of airport advertising with such depth and validity. Accordingly, the Airport Audience Measurement tool can show contact frequency at the airport with a very high degree of accuracy. 

The AAM launch was preceded by a long development phase and JCDecaux worked on the project with Veltys, experts for data science and artificial intelligence, for 18 months before the launch. The system had been deployed at major airports in Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and São Paulo before the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. Implementation at other airports was postponed in view of the pandemic. Today, the audience measurement tool is in operation or shortly due to be introduced at a total of almost 30 airports around the world.

A broad and robust dataset from numerous international and local sources represents an optimum starting point for offering advertising clients coherent, standardised and globally valid audience reach measurements and metrics that provide a solid foundation for planning their campaigns.

“Data is a becoming a strategic asset”, says Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board of JC Decaux. “In this context, when it comes to think about “digital journey at airport”, we have already added a new layer to our sales strategy by monetizing the data starting with viewed impressions, as a new currency, meaning the total number of times a passenger will see an ad on all displays selected for a campaign.”

Martin Korosec, CEO of Media Frankfurt, emphasises that, “AAM is a lighthouse project for the entire airport-advertising sector. It sets international standards and greatly increases the measurability of outdoor advertising at the airport. We are one of Europe’s top three hubs and, now, as the first German location, are in the forefront.”

Want to find out more about the airport audience measurement tool?

For more information on the advertising measurement tool and how it can revolutionalise your airport advertising campaigns, reach out to one of our experts at Media Frankfurt.

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