Media Frankfurt launches programmatic offensive

Media Frankfurt launches programmatic offensive

Media Frankfurt has joined forces with technical partner VIOOH to launch a highly innovative, programmatic media solution for airport-advertising. Now, campaigns can be customised and automated by days of the week and even times of the day at all digital touchpoints. 

Frankfurt am Main, 4 April. The advertising-media inventory at Frankfurt Airport can now be controlled even more precisely and flexibly. Media Frankfurt, the marketing agency for Germany’s biggest hub and one of the three biggest airports in Europe, is launching a programmatic media inventory unique in the field of German airport advertising. The new service enables the automatic presentation of content on all digital facilities at very busy locations throughout Frankfurt Airport. Moreover, advertising clients can book screens for special days of the week or even individual hours of the day. On the technical side, Media Frankfurt is cooperating with supply-side platform VIOOH via shareholder JCDecaux.

“Once again, Media Frankfurt has underscored its position as a technological pioneer in the field of airport advertising, both in Germany and worldwide”, says Martin Korosec, CEO of Media Frankfurt. “A complete programmatic presentation embracing the entire digital inventory is not currently possible at any other German airport. Internationally, a service of this scope is only available at certain selected airports.”

The key to this is not solely the increasing digitalisation of Media Frankfurt’s portfolio – a third of the advertising space is already digital – but also the stringent linkage with an increasingly extensive database, which is extraordinarily detailed for an OOH location. The foundation of the new programmatic service is the Airport Audience Measurement (AAM) model introduced by Media Frankfurt in the autumn of 2021. AAM is an airport metric developed internationally by JCDecaux, the world’s biggest outdoor advertising network, and is already in use in over 30 hubs around the world. The KPI calculation includes, for example, exact flight data and the routes taken by passengers within the airport. The viewed impressions thus generated then form the statistical basis for Media Frankfurt’s programmatic sales.

Using this information, the advertising to be presented by Media Frankfurt on the approx. 500 digital media can be shown on individual days of the week or even on an hourly basis, which permits customised targeting at innumerable very busy areas within the departure and arrival halls, at baggage claim, at the security checks and at various points of sale, such as the retail areas.

The technical partner of Media Frankfurt is VIOOH, via their common shareholder, JCDecaux. This international supply-side platform (SSP) is linked to all relevant demand-side platforms (DSP), including omnichannel DSPs. “A considerable part of the media business is already programmatic”, says Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board of JCDecaux. “Thus, in 2018, JCDecaux founded VIOOH as an independent global platform designed to boost the growth of OOH / DOOH and to link the sector with the programmatic digital infrastructure at the same time as offering maximum transparency.” Since then, VIOOH has grown continuously and is currently working for JCDecaux in 15 countries, inter alia, at airports in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Paris. Now, it is Frankfurt Airport’s turn to join the ranks of first movers for programmatic airport advertising.

At Media Frankfurt, Sandra Müller and Bastian Mangold are responsible for programmatic airport advertising. “For us, this offensive is a major step towards the future of digital advertising”, says Sandra Müller. Bastian Mangold adds: “Our background with JCDecaux as the world’s biggest airport-marketing agency and our collaboration with the internationally successful VIOOH platform means we can offer a programmatic solution that is, from the word go, extremely valid and attractive for global brands.” 

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