SAP sets up dynamic customer journey for soccer team

Frankfurt am Main, 12 June 2018: SAP has been supporting the German Football Association (DFB) and the German team as an official Premium Partner since 2013. In line with the slogan, ‘THE BEST RUN SAP’, the world football champions are already equipped with the latest technologies. As in the past, SAP solutions will be on hand in the background for the team and staff during the weeks in Russia, as well as during the preparatory and follow-up phases. 

DFB campaign: Digital advertising solution at Frankfurt Airport

SAP could have not chosen a better place for its campaign than Germany’s most international and biggest hub, Frankfurt Airport, where fans are to be found among both business travelers and vacationers. Accordingly, SAP is using a digital advertising solution to offer the German team a dynamic customer journey. A variety of the team’s experiences during the global soccer event are at the root of the campaign, e.g., the training camp, which takes up the theme of togetherness and finds expression in the headline ‘Run together’. The default motive, ‘Change the game together’, also underlines the support of SAP and the whole nation for the team as it travels to defend its title.  The hashtag (#ZSMMN, which stands for together in German) has also been designed with a great love of detail and symbolizes two people standing arm-in-arm.  The strategy for the campaign is offensive and uses all 98 screens of the Digital Coverage Network, which covers virtually the whole airport. Particularly interesting is that the campaign is dynamically controlled in accordance with the day and match taking place. Thus, the campaign motive shown, for example, at the time of the group match against Mexico will also appear along the route taken by passengers to the departure gates for Mexico. To this end, a control system links the motif selected with the flight data and sends a signal directly to the appropriate advertising medium on match day via an interface at Media Frankfurt. 



In July, the campaign moves to the Digital Welcome Network in the vicinity of the baggage carousels to give a warm welcome back to all travelers, as well as the German team who will hopefully be bringing the trophy back with them after the World Cup final. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!    Press contact Susanne Pfaff

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