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Ogilvy recruits international talents at Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt am Main, 13 December 2017: To recruit international talent Ogilvy is using an unconventional media channel. In their search for English planners, American storytellers and Scandinavian web-developers the agency is taking large-format Colorama advertising space at Frankfurt Airport.

Ogilvy Germany manages numerous large national accounts along with very many international clients. Many of the new clients it has gained have global operations and so the agency is increasingly on the lookout for international talent from the areas of planning, storytelling and web-development in addition to other specialist fields including technology. When they considered how to find the right people – other than using conventional job advertising or recruitment posts internationally across the communications sector – they realised that you can recruit successfully closer to home, albeit only when you have one of the biggest international hub airports on your doorstep like Frankfurt. 

Ogilvy has worked closely with the Fraport subsidiary Media Frankfurt GmbH in developing this idea and has now started advertising at Frankfurt Airport. From 01 December it is now present at specific locations, positioning powerful graphic messages at the departure gates for flights to the USA, Sweden and the UK. The explanation for the choice of location is as simple as it is obvious. Having checked in and got through security, passengers in most cases suddenly have time on their hands. Flight gate advertising is generally perceived positively, passengers are relaxed and have lots of energy. For want of something to do they start to look around. Possibly they reflect on their current job and whether they are happy with it or not.

This is the moment for our graphics to catch the attention of potential candidates. International travellers, they have heard of Ogilvy and perhaps they fit precisely the type of person Ogilvy is looking to attract. One of the monochrome graphics might catch their eye with its unusual flag design. All the graphics use copy sparingly, play on the nationality of the viewer and seem to speak to them directly.  In terms of contact details nothing is offered other than a mobile number for a Whatsapp contact and the short deep link to the Ogilvy job website.

Björn Bremer, CCO Ogilvy Frankfurt: “In our market the battle for new talent is an ever growing challenge. You need to find new possibilities and go fishing in unconventional waters. This measure is a pilot project. It has been proven, not only that almost every passenger has a smartphone, but that they are also extremely Internet-savvy. For this reason, we prefer to use Whatsapp, which we feel is the right method of communication to reach our target group at the airport. Anyone interested is able to contact us directly in that moment – in most cases people do not just happen to have their CV with them.”

Simone Schwab, Media Frankfurt’s managing director adds: “Ogilvy is a global player with a strong concept and they have bought into our media advertising. We are convinced that many other companies will be interested in the possibilities we offer for expert recruitment – whether that is traditional job advertising or a company presenting itself as part of an employer branding campaign. Each year around 61 million people use Germany’s biggest airport hub - Frankfurt Airport - to achieve business success worldwide. We have a detailed understanding of how the travel process works, the means and the psychology and so can provide targeted support for companies like Ogilvy to achieve success with unconventional solutions.”

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Peer Schmitz-Kuo, Director Sales & Marketing

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Executive Creative Direction/Text: Björn Bremer

Creative Direction: Helmut Meyer

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