3D advertising at Frankfurt Airport

3D advertising for your brand

Welcome to a new era of airport advertising with 3D creations!

Media Frankfurt is the specialist for airport advertising in Germany. We offer you the right space for your campaign to place your product or brand. In addition to the already well-known products Digital Deluxe Board, Digital Welcome Network, Digital Landmark and Digital Airport Network, Media Frankfurt offers your brand a new innovative solution to reach your target group - 3D advertising.

3D billboards at Frankfurt Airport

Within Germany, 3D advertising is not yet widespread. While Berlin is the only city with a number of OOH 3D spaces where 3D video content can be displayed, Frankfurt Airport is the only airport within Germany which offers the possibility to promote your brand message via 3D advertising signs to address your target group in a new, exciting way. This new advertising format fascinates travelers and attracts all eyes.


Your individual advertising messages can be displayed as 3D content on the Digital Deluxe Board and Digital Business Board. These advertising spaces are among the largest at Frankfurt Airport and help maximize the effectiveness. In addition, by placing the boards in the high-quality marketplace with gastronomy and offers from many premium and luxury brands, you can reach a wide range of international transit passengers with extraordinarily high purchasing power and achieve maximum advertising impact.


3D advertising boards are the absolute eye-catcher! Thanks to modern 3D animation and authentic 3D video production, you can surprise travelers at the Frankfurt airport and attract the full attention of the customers. The surprise effect additionally assists in ensuring the advertising message remains in the memory longer and customers engage with the product or brand.


In case you like to benefit from the advantages of 3D content at the Frankfurt Airport, we will be glad to assist you with the implementation of your 3D advertising campaign. Our partner will support you with the realization and creation of the videos to broadcast the desired message. We will also advise you on whether the Digital Deluxe Board or the Digital Business Board is the best fit for your marketing objective. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to support you to create your 3D video advertising.

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