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Holiday Travellers

Discover an enthusiastic target group

Air travel is still on the rise for Germans! Meet the exciting and emotionally accessible target group of holiday travellers at Frankfurt Airport. Around 30 million Germans are sky travellers, they travel by plane every year and spend an average of 138 minutes at the airport in anticipation of their holidays.

Address this target group with emotional campaigns and benefit from the intelligent placement of your product or brand advertising campaign. In the following, you can learn more about our most suitable products for specifically addressing holidaymakers or business people travelling privately.

Target group Holiday Travellers: Our favourite products for holiday advertising


Coloramas are illuminated boxes in attractive portrait format, which are placed directly in the Frankfurt Airport gate area – ideal for the target group of holiday travellers. This way, your advertising campaign is perceived particularly positively, because once they arrive at the gate, holidaymakers are relaxed and full of positive emotions.

Colorama Sixt

Sky Media for Sky Travellers

With Sky Media you are always in the field of vision of your holiday target group because these advertising media are placed in the busy check-in halls of  Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2, and the departure gates of Gates D and E. Highly visible Sky Posters and Sky Wraps provide the best entertainment in widescreen format during the 20-minute check-in process. Thanks to this medium, your product or image advertising becomes a real eye-catcher!

Sky Media
Sky Media

KingSize Lightbox

With the KingSize Lightbox you can effectively address arriving holiday travellers in the passenger area or at the security checkpoints. Due to its format and its brilliant luminosity, you are guaranteed to attract attention to your holiday advertising campaign. It also offers the possibility of interactive additions.

KingSize Lightbox
KingSize Lightbox

Digital Airport Network

With the Digital Airport Network, you achieve maximum reach through maximum coverage and are guaranteed to address your target group. These advertising media shine throughout the most critical hubs of Frankfurt Airport. Distributed over 309 locations throughout the airport, your advertising message is highly visible for arriving and departing passengers.

Digital Airport Network
Digital Airport Network
Digital Airport Network

FAQ Media Frankfurt holiday travellers

Here you will find the right answers to your questions about holiday travelers as an advertising target group.

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