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Airport Advertising

Reaching target groups effectively

As a highly frequented location, the airport offers an outstanding advertising environment for product and brand advertising. In addition to long periods of stay, target groups who always want to stay up to date and an international audience, the airport is a location where exclusive advertising is possible.

Here, large advertising spaces, as well as extraordinary outdoor advertising, can be implemented, which will carry your advertising message far and wide and help to achieve new reach. The airport is also a place of emotion and offers unique opportunities for creative marketing campaigns.


Facts and figures



of the passengers feel that airport advertising is more exclusive than classic advertising



of the passengers find airport advertising more attention-grabbing than traditional advertising



of decision-makers react to airport advertising



of passengers register digital advertising space



of passengers do jobs where they are open to advertising messages

Where extraordinary advertising is possible

Airport experience

Where worlds meet

A place that in recent decades has made a decisive contribution to bringing the world closer together piece by piece - the link between the centre of life and distant places of longing.

Where excitement arises

A place full of magic and emotion. Adventures are set in motion, the nervousness of business travellers on their way to the deal of the century increases and long awaited returnees are welcomed.

A city for itself

A multi-functional microcosm - hotels, childcare, restaurants as well as fashion, accessory, and duty-free shops or supermarkets open until midnight - all this offers passengers a comprehensive range of products.

In the ravages of time

A future-oriented concept - a vast baggage transport system, a large security infrastructure, and thoroughly organized processes. An airport is a highly modern and future-oriented environment.

A place for frequent flyers

A large proportion of passengers are business travellers, who are considered particularly open to B2B advertising and are frequent flyers.

A place for a break

An exceptional environment for a stopover in the airport's microcosm for relaxation and experience between flights. Because an airport is not only a place of arrival and departure, it is also the place for a break.

Zielgruppen ansprechen

Addressing diverse advertising audiences at the airport

The target groups of the airport landscape are not only well-off and open to innovation, but above all, they are also diverse. At the airport, you will meet business people, but also families with children on holiday. You will meet passengers travelling nationally, but also numerous travellers from other European and international countries. You will meet not only people interested in shopping, but also coffee drinkers and people seeking relaxation. 
These target groups make the airport a unique and exciting advertising environment.

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