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What makes the target groups at Frankfurt Airport special?

Advertising Audiences at Frankfurt Airport



Since mid-June and the beginning of the summer holidays, many airlines have been gradually expanding their flight schedules after the easing of travel restrictions - both domestically and internationally. Lufthansa and Emirates were among the first to dare to take the step towards a new normality. Among others, Ryanair, Condor, Turkish, Tap, Quatar Airways, Latam, Korean Air or 

American Airlines would also like tickle the wanderlust. However, we expect not only an increase in vacationers, but also a steady increase in business travelers, because although video calls work, a global economy cannot do without personal contacts.

Advertising Audiences Media Frankfurt

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At the airport, you will encounter unusual and diverse target groups like nowhere else: whether business travellers, holidaymakers or luxury buyers, whether digital natives or digital immigrants. The passengers are as different as their destinations and make the airport a unique advertising space where your B2B and B2C advertising will be well received. 



At Frankfurt Airport, you will meet passengers from all over the world: a large number of passengers travel via Asia, Russia or the Gulf States, for example. The Chinese target group, in particular, is experiencing considerable growth, which opens the door to an extraordinary audience with a preference for digital, shopping and entertainment.



Almost all passengers at the airport use the waiting time to look around, eat and relax, which makes them particularly open to advertising messages. In addition, airport advertising is also perceived as particularly eye-catching in comparison with traditional media.



Business Travellers

Around 35% of travellers at Frankfurt Airport are business travellers who are in work mode at the airport and are therefore particularly open to B2B advertising. Discover a frequent flyer target group with high potential for your high-quality, attention-grabbing advertising. 

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Luxury Shoppers

You can reach a disproportionately high number of decision-makers and high-income target groups at Frankfurt Airport with a high proportion of travellers from the Gulf States, Asia and Russia. Use this gateway to target group-specific marketing in the luxury sector. 


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Travel Retail

Travel Retail

Meet extremely high-income target groups that arrive at the airport. The atmosphere of the airport offers numerous relaxed shopping opportunities, which are taken up by national and international travellers with high purchasing power during their waiting time. 


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Fairs and Events

Frankfurt is a trade fair city, which is noticeable at Frankfurt Airport. Place targeted advertising with Media Frankfurt and benefit from the Frankfurt trade fair hot spot with over 2.2 million trade fair visitors per year. 

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Messe und Events

Holiday Travellers

Air travel is still on the rise for Germans! Around 30 million Germans travel by air every year. Reach this target group with emotional advertising and benefit from the intelligent placement of your product or brand advertising. 


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