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Supplement your strategic brand communication with intelligent service offers or stage your brand and product on spectacularly interactive exhibition areas. Whether you want to expand your strategic brand communication with intelligent service offers or stage your brand and product on interactive exhibition areas – with Media Frankfurt you will reach your target group in a creative and innovative way. With workstations, advertising zones in the immediate vicinity of the POS or car promotions with touch screen and prize draw, you have endless marketing possibilities.


There are (almost) no limits to your creativity. We position you where your individual "showroom" gets the most traffic: in the check-in, arrival and waiting halls as well as in selected marketplaces and shopping areas. Discover our favorites and use the media data below to find out how you can make your brand come alive. 


Services & Promotions: Our favorite products

Promotionpoint Atrium

Stage an individual, extraordinary brand world in the Atrium – the absolute premium location! The Promotion Point Atrium offers a wide range of design options and is not only the architectural highlight, but also the most important contact point of Gate A. Three exhibition areas outside the cone, an air object or an exhibition area centrally in the cone are available for your extraordinary product or brand presentation. Virtually all passengers on the Schengen level pass through this area with high frequency, giving you high visibility. In the non-Schengen area above, the architecture, which is open at the top, provides exciting views through glass walls. This results in further contact opportunities with non-Schengen passengers. This advertising space arouses curiosity.

Promotion AMG

Mobile Promotion

Short-term realizable contact chance for your brand! Reach your target group with mobile promotion – very efficiently and by addressing them personally. Due to high target group accuracy, a sustainable and tangible brand awareness is created, making this offer ideally suited for product-specific and seasonal promotions. Integrated competitions, samplings or giveaways are also optionally available. 


Mobile Promotion


With workbenches advertising, your brand message is shown to its best advantage. The advertising medium offers you large advertising spaces that are seen – for individual communication of your campaign message. Passengers linger here while working, surfing or charging their mobile phones. Reach a broad target group in the waiting area. 


Trolley Branding

Use trolley branding to make your advertising message an eye-catcher on luggage trolleys and luggage depots. With the baggage trolleys your campaign is present everywhere: in all public terminal areas, in the entrance areas, and at the baggage claim areas. 


Trolley Gepaeckwagen

FAQ Media Frankfurt Service & Promotions

Here you will find the answers to your questions about service & promotions at Frankfurt Airport.

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