#3QuestionsFor ... Alexandra Karim, Senior Customer Insights Manager at Media Frankfurt

#3QuestionsFor ... Alexandra Karim, Senior Customer Insights Manager at Media Frankfurt

As Senior Customer Insights Manager, Alexandra Karim heads the market research department at Media Frankfurt. She knows the passengers, their wishes, their routes, their data like no one else. We asked her about the target groups at Frankfurt Airport, the media currency Airport Audience Measurement and the ad effectiveness measurement method Digital Airport Walk.


1. How do the target groups generally develop at Frankfurt Airport?

We know that the important target group of decision-makers can still be found at the airport – both professionally and privately. Their share has hardly changed from 29 percent in 2019 to 30 percent in the first half of 2022. The proportion of professionals is also very high at 84 percent in the first half of 2022. In addition, we know that more passengers with a high net household income travel via Frankfurt in 2022 than already in 2019, which means that we still have a high-quality target group for our customers at the airport.


2. Exactly one year ago, market research introduced the reach currency AAM (Airport Audience Measurement) at Frankfurt Airport. What is the customer feedback like? What has happened since then?

For our clients, especially media agencies, measurable KPIs are becoming increasingly indispensable – especially gross reach, which was previously not available for campaigns at the airport. Accordingly, the enthusiasm in the market was great that we were the first airport in Germany to introduce the AAM currency from JCDecaux. The currency was developed especially for airports, takes into account the internationality of passengers and is already used by more than 30 major hubs worldwide. AAM also provides us with the data basis to be able to sell our spaces programmatically.


3. With the Digital Airport Walk, Media Frankfurt gains insights into the impact of airport advertising. What data can you gain with it?

The Digital Airport Walk is a digital method for measuring advertising impact that is specially tailored to the airport. We use it to record both the campaign effects on the advertised brand in terms of brand awareness, image and willingness to buy, as well as direct advertising impact parameters such as aided and unaided recall and advertising appeal. In addition, we measure the attention performance of the campaign with so-called attention tracking and can thus derive informative heat maps or eye-tracking curves. From this, concrete optimisation tips can be derived for each campaign as well as many general learnings on the design of airport advertising in the respective industry.


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Alexandra Karim | Senior Customer Insights Manager

Mobile: +49 151 53975670

Email: karim@media-frankfurt.de