New openness for advertising at the airport: Trend towards bleisure travel shows impact on business target groups and opens up opportunities for advertisers

Frankfurt, 30 January 2024. The trend towards bleisure travel, a combination of business and leisure, has led to a greater openness to advertising at the airport. A survey of working passengers shows that the merging of business and leisure travel is increasing, creating optimal conditions for airport advertising. Advertisers should therefore focus their content on the new target group of Business Decision-Makers – defined by their professional position –, since board members or department heads, for example, can be found travelling to the airport for both business and leisure.

The survey suggests that 64% of working passengers at the airport associate flexible working with location independence. Bleisure travel, which combines business travel with personal leisure activities, has become increasingly popular. Last year, 18% of professionals extended their business trips for private purposes, compared to 7% in 2019. Working from the holiday destination, so-called workations, also increased. Last year, 21% worked remotely, compared to 6% in 2019.

The airport is also a temporary workplace for many working passengers. 61% state that they have worked at the airport in the last 12 months, while 50% of respondents used their time on the plane productively. Overall, 41% of working passengers are increasingly working remotely compared to before the pandemic (16% in 2019).


Passenger sentiment is more positive

The changing world of work and the increase in bleisure travel are also having an impact on the mood of passengers: 32% feel more adventurous than in 2019, 29% are more motivated and 28% feel more relaxed. 24% say they have a better work-life balance, and overall 40% feel more like travelling for business or pleasure.

Alexandra Karim, Team Lead Data & Customer Insights at Media Frankfurt, emphasises: "This relaxed atmosphere creates excellent conditions for the reception of airport advertising."


Business Decision-Makers are open to advertising regardless of the travel purpose

Another study shows that business target groups are also open to B2B advertising when they are at the airport as private individuals. Conversely, it is also true that advertising for the private sector is perceived in a professional environment. Interest in topics and products is similar for business and private air travellers.

Amongst the highest interest is generated by advertising for consumer electronics – a category whose products can be used for both professional and private purposes. It is therefore worth focussing on the entertainment value or "fun character" as well as the diverse benefits and targeting advertising messages at the target group of Business Decision-Makers.

Alexandra Karim comments: "The findings of our survey make it clear that Business Decision-Makers are extremely important for advertisers at the airport. They are open to advertising content during both private and business trips. Advertisers should therefore definitely include them in their advertising planning. Through the Travelpinion survey platform, companies can benefit from results that show how to maximise the impact of airport advertising."

Media Frankfurt offers further information for advertisers who would like to find out more about how to best address this target group.


About the survey

The surveys on bleisure travel and advertising impact at the airport were conducted in autumn 2023 on the basis of a quota sample from the Travelpinion panel according to the structure of the airport audience.


About Travelpinion

Travelpinion is an exclusive survey platform developed by Media Frankfurt in cooperation with Fraport AG. The portal enables passenger surveys on the topics of tourism, mobility and consumer habits. You can find more information about Travelpinion at:

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