Inspiring flight into modernity

A new visitor centre opened at Frankfurt Airport in early summer 2021. Spread over 1,200 square meters, visitors can experience the airport world in an interactive and multimedia exhibition full of innovations. Augmented reality and numerous digital installations allow a trip along the baggage conveyor belt, or directly to the controller on the runway, or even to the pilot in the cockpit, making it possible to experience the airport up close. Above all this demonstrates one thing: our location is now much more than just a small stop on a journey, but rather a multifunctional Airport City full of emotion, inspiration and fresh experiences.

The retail area at Frankfurt Airport, for example, has developed into one of Frankfurt's largest shopping malls and invites even non-travellers to take a stroll through the stores for fashion, luxury watches, jewellery, perfumes and gifts. Beyond that in recent decades the airport has long since outgrown its original function as a mere infrastructure provider for handling aircraft and passengers: mobile offices have opened up a productive working atmosphere for business travellers, and the countless restaurants entice guests with a culinary world tour of the most diverse destinations. This open, cosmopolitan atmosphere, together with the high dwell time, creates a relaxed environment in which advertising can play out particularly effectively. Impressive XXL displays, spectacular installations, moving images in sensational positions - this is where our extraordinary location always scores highly and generates a high level of emotional commitment from onlookers.

Where the airport environment has become increasingly technology-driven in recent years, advertising has of course long done the same: with innovative digital formats, 3D installations, intelligent screens and advertising media, and above all programmatic advertising, which - supported by an in-depth market research database - allows advertising messages to be tailored to specific times and target groups. Recently the Corona pandemic has further fuelled the trend toward digitization, which can be felt throughout nearly the entire advertising industry. Now with increasing vaccination rates general mobility is on the rise again, OOH and DOOH in particular are currently experiencing attention with a renewed enthusiasm from a stimulus-hungry audience, as confirmed by several studies, including "Active Space" from the Rheingold Institute. Like leisure travellers, business travellers are once more on the move again to a greater extent this Autumn. This underlines the fascination of travel, especially at an international airport like Frankfurt which remains a modern, highly emotional setting. We are accompanying the flight into the future with increased emotion, clever innovations, and an ever-sharp eye on all our passenger and visitor groups.